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Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council

The WRSPC is a non profit, voluntary council comprised of 20 representatives from Waterloo Region. The WRSPC strives to maintain equal representations from professionals/organizations dealing directly with suicidal behavior, associated professionals (faith community, teachers) and the community (family, friends and individuals affected by suicide).

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Suicide Prevention Training in Primary Care

With a Bell community grant, the WRSPC was able to provide two accredited trainings for family physicians and primary care providers.  We know that the primary care sector is an opportune venue for the early detection and intervention of suicide.  However, primary care providers may not be well equipped to discuss suicide with their patients.  Building on this finding from the research, we provided the trainings to increase primary care physician capacity for suicide risk assessment and provided helpful tools and resources.  You can access the full 16 page report below:

Suicide Prevention Training in Primary Care

Caring Through Connection - CMHA Update

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