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12 Gifts of Christmas for Workplace Support and Affirmation in Stressful and Uncertain Times 2014

01 The Gift of Helping Out

Be observant and ask your neighbour at work if he or she could use some help.

02 The Gift of Sharing Success

Share the work and share the credit.

03 The Gift of Awareness

Reach out to your employees who are raising children on their own and be especially aware that pregnant women still on the job are acutely vulnerable to job stress.

04 The Gift of Empathy

Income tax people, bank personnel, call centre staff: be extra patient, clear and plain-spoken, not legalistic, bureaucratic or rigid in your dealings with everyone as this time of year. Christmas is not joyful for the isolated and vulnerable.

05 The Gift of Clarity

Managers, make doubly sure your people know what you expect of them. Invite questions when you allocate work. Stay visible at times of change.

06 The Gift of Job Fulfillment

A pay cheque buys bread for the table. Job fulfillment buys bread for the soul. Give your employees the tools and time they need to do their job – well.

07 The Gift of Personal Contact

The casualties of stress mount daily from information overlaid and discourteous or uninvited remarks. This gift is especially important when people are stressed or afraid of the future.

08 The Gift of Inclusion

More than ever, include your co-workers and employers in meetings and lunches, sharing information that empowers everyone. Emotional isolation predicts depression.

09 The Gift of Listening

The most precious gift of all in stressful and uncertain times. Give it to someone every day.

10 The Gift of Fairness

Employer fairness is a determinant of employee morale in difficult times. Employee morale is a stronger predictor of future corporate performance than financial results.

11 The Gift of Explanation

Employees are worried about their pensions. Employers, hold workshops to answer their questions. Clarity lifts the spirit. Ambiguity smothers it.

12 The Gift of Time

A precious gift. Time at home. Time to do a job properly. Time to say hello. Time to reach out to a distressed co-worker. Time to be – here, and now.

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