As it says in our WRSPC Mission statement, we believe that…

“Every individual has the right to be supported in living a healthy, positive life”

This is aligned with the concept of Life Promotion.

Life Promotion is about building hope, building resiliency, promoting mental wellness, and giving people the tools they need to handle stress, among other things.

Life promotion is about giving us all the skills, tools, and knowledge we all need to handle the ups and downs of life because we all have mental health and we all encounter hard times.

As part of a strategy identified in 2017, the WRSPC underwent a project to collect Life Promotion and stress & resiliency resources from across the web and compile them on our website to help the Waterloo Region community find the resources they need to be well and stay well through hard times.

Resources we found are categorized and listed on the following pages:

Mental Health & Well-being

Handling Stress

Build Strength, Build Resilience

WRSPC has some additional resources relating to Promoting Wellbeing:

Stress Symptoms

101 Ways to Cope with Stress

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