After an Attempt

You’ve attempted suicide. You’re alive. You may be feeling many different things, and you may not know what to do now. That is okay.

While you’re recovering from your attempt, remember that people do care, and there is help. You can make it through this.

This guide may help you in taking care of yourself after our suicide attempt. After an Attempt: A Guide for Taking Care of Yourself After Your Suicide Attempt >

There is also an accompanying guide you can share with friends and family looking to support you after your attempt. After a Suicide Attempt: A Guide for Family and Friends >

The Mental Health Commission of Canada developed a fantastic resource in 2018: Toolkit for people who have been impacted by a suicide attempt >

Additionally if you’re looking to read stories of others like you who have survived a suicide attempt, check out the following:

Stories of Living > Stories collected by the WRSPC of individuals in Waterloo Region who have struggling with suicide

For additional resources that may help if you’re facing a suicidal crisis again, check out these pages:

Here 24/7 Crisis Safety Plan Card >

Creating Your Crisis Safety Plan (written for youth but applicable for all) >

Immediate Help >

All Ages / Adult Resources >

Youth Resources >

How Can I Help Myself?

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