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Police Record Checks need to be changed

For many, the thought of calling  police on a loved one to get them to hospital in a time of crisis is a very frightening thing to do.  While the intent is to get our loved one help, the incident can be made worse by archaic police records.  This type of necessary call to keep our loved one safe can remain on someone’s record as a police incident and  wreak havoc when applying for jobs or completing a necessary police check for many jobs and volunteer positions.  Our police departments need to update and change these policies and they need to be uniform across Canada – not region to region and they should be mandatory – not voluntary.  Employers, human resource departments, sporting clubs and  insurance companies also need to look at what they are looking for.  We need to show compassion and kindness for folks have that have been at point in their life when they found it unbearable, not harm them further.

The following article highlights this issue.

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