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I lost my older brother and later, my mom to suicide, and it was not that long ago I also made a serious attempt. Life and events can paralyze us psychologically, and that’s like being enveloped in a blinding vortex, like driving in heavy fog. Slowing down is vital to survival.

I needed to discover a new way of thinking – to have a new perspective about life. I had to rewire my thinking and re-evaluate my coping skills. After decades of reacting to events I needed to find my joy that somehow got lost within my personal web of distress. That gave me a personal goal (finding my joy) and I began to become passionate about this journey of reaching it.

My journey includes regular meetings to provide my family and myself with support around alcohol abuse and its effects on my family. It helps me replace personal life skills and perceptions born from the dysfunction often common amid alcohol addiction. It isn’t about blame. It is about changing the coping patterns that no-longer worked for me.

I love sharing within the Beautiful Minds school project. This CMHA program helps reduce stigma and lower barriers that isolate so many of us. We can get the strength to reach out and get help. I believe there’s not much we can’t improve on when we rediscover we are worth it. I may have to cope with mental illness but I now know that real insanity is the perception that doing the same things in the same ways will get me different results.

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