Welcome to our Summer Wellbeing Passport!

Discover a Summer of Fun and Wellbeing with the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council.

Our Summer Wellbeing Passport is designed to make discussing and developing wellbeing fun and accessible for kids. Filled with engaging activities, this digital activity book aims to help children develop and practice five essential skills for wellbeing.

Access the Summer Wellbeing Passport here: Summer Wellbeing Passport (pdf should automatically download onto your device).

What’s Inside?

Our Summer Wellbeing Passport is divided into 5 key themes with suggested activities, each thoughtfully crafted to support different aspects of your child’s wellbeing:

  1. Physical Wellbeing -> A nature scavenger hunt to explore the outdoors and get moving
  2. Connection -> Planning a picnic to foster teamwork and friendship
  3. Self-compassion -> Rock painting with positive messages to encourage self-compassion
  4. Self-soothing -> Making a comfort kit with meaningful objects to help manage strong emotions
  5. Gratitude -> Creating a gratitude tree craft to practice daily gratitude

Why Choose the Summer Wellbeing Passport?

  • Engaging and Educational: Activities are designed to be both fun and informative, helping children learn important life skills while having fun this summer!
  • Child-Friendly Design: The bright, colourful design and easy-to-follow instructions make it perfect for kids of all ages.
  • Accessible: Optimized for digital use, this activity book does not need to be printed.

Start Your Wellbeing Adventure Today!

Help to give your child the tools they need to thrive this summer. Our Summer Wellbeing Passport is more than just an activity book; it’s a pathway to support a happier and healthier summer. Download a copy now, and start your summer wellbeing journey today!

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Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) as Program Coordinators Emma and Karyn complete their summer wellbeing journey! Share your families’ progress through the passport by tagging @wrspc or using the hashtag #WellbeingPassport. Together, let’s make this summer one of joy and connection!

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