Whether you know someone who is having a hard time, someone who has recently attempted suicide and survived, or someone who has lost a loved one to suicide, there is lots you can do to help.

By showing up and reaching out, you’re taking a big step towards supporting your loved one.

It can be helpful to gain a basic understanding of suicide and suicide prevention, to break down any stigma and dissolve any myths about suicide you may hold as beliefs.

Suicide is complex and multi-faceted.

“Suicide is an attempt to solve a problem of intense emotional pain with impaired problem solving skills.”  Judith Springer, 2011

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Supporting someone who is struggling or who has attempted

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Link the person you are supporting to resources – Don’t try to support them alone!

Adult / All Ages Resources > | Youth Resources >

Attend an Education / Support session for family members / caregivers – information about some in the region here >

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Supporting someone grieving a suicide loss

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