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Today, on Bell Let’s Talk Day, we are launching our newest initiative #365Convos. Bell Let’s Talk Day raises awareness, encourages dialogue, and brings needed attention to mental health. Raising awareness can help us to attune to and recognize signs of struggle in ourselves and in those around us and can reduce the stigma attached to mental health. Encouraging dialogue allows us to open up about our own mental health to others, to check up on those we’re worried about, and reach out to professionals when we need help. Bringing attention to mental health can bring funding and increase resources for mental health services to improve and expand upon the supports available for those who are struggling. These are all important for improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. However, these things are not only important on days like today or during weeks like Mental Health Awareness week; these things are important each and every day. We need to be raising awareness, encouraging dialogue, and paying attention to our mental health all throughout the year.

#365Convos is a campaign reminding us all to continue the dialogue we open on this day all throughout the 365 days of the year. Days like today can build momentum and #365Convos hopes to continue that momentum, to elevate the conversation, and to elaborate on what we can all do to continually support ourselves, support each other, and support our communities in promoting mental health. #365Convos will involve an investigation of various themes each month in weekly posts that we hope will act as catalysts for our community to have conversations. Look for our first monthly theme announcement and weekly post commencement on February 1st

#365Convos is about all of us, and all the conversations we can be collectively having when we focus on mental health 365 days of the year. We encourage you to have conversations with friends, family, coworkers, and peers. We encourage you to learn about how you can have these conversations safely and learn about what community resources you can access when you or someone you know is struggling. We encourage you to join us in having 365 conversations about mental health this year, 365 days of the year, as we join together in #365Convos.

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