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Welcome to Beyond the Bio, the series where we get to know our WRSPC staff a little better. Here are the answers to our 5 Beyond the Bio questions from WRSPC Administrative Project Coordinator Jenna Peacock.

Q1: Which Aspect of your work gives you the greatest sense of purpose or meaning?

The connections with all of the amazing people who are connected to the council. Knowing that I contribute to this amazing community and can help make a difference.  I love when WRSPC can provide community events that can help promote resiliency or provide opportunity for ceremony. I get to organize a few community skates each year (with the generous proceeds from third party fundraisers) and I love to see how many people attend and take part in a positive activity. Seeing how many people attend World Suicide Prevention Day in KW each year and take part in the butterfly  ceremony really shows me how important this day is for people in our community. I have gotten to meet so many amazing people in our community who are running their own events and fundraisers for suicide prevention. Being able to assist with their event and see how important suicide prevention is to them really shows me how important the work of WRSPC is.

Q2: What is one thing you are most looking forward to re-engaging in once physical distancing restrictions begin to lift?

Seeing family, friends, colleagues, and everyone connected to the council. I know it may be a while but I can’t wait to give someone a hug again. WRSPC is such a close knit network. We start our meetings/  gatherings off with hugs and I really miss that.

Q3: Name one place, community, or situation where you feel a sense of belonging or feel most at home?

I come from a very large extended family (I have lost count of how many cousins I have) so when we all get together it is the greatest feeling of home, love and connection. There is no small family get together when it comes to my family and it’s wonderful.

Q4: What are some of you go-to self-care routines or stress-reducing habits that you’ve been utilizing during this pandemic?

Does drinking lots of coffee count???  I’ve been walking…. a lot . My husband and kids are starting to protest the constant walks around our neighborhood but for me it has been the best form of self care and stress reduction.

Q5: If you decided to change careers and leave the mental health world, what would you do instead?

I would love to own a little café somewhere.

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