WRSPC’s work is guided by our four key priorities: building a sense of community, engaging priority populations, organizational capacity, and growing provincial and national reach. You can read more about our key priorities here.

Suicide prevention is an umbrella term that encompasses prevention, intervention, and postvention activities.

WRSPC serves as a hub and point of connection for those engaged in the work of suicide prevention. We understand our role in the community as supporting the work of hope, help and healing.

Hope is the prevention work.

WRSPC supports hope through:

  • The development and distribution of resources to the community.
  • Social media engagement and campaigns.
  • Presentations in schools and workplaces on stress, mental health, and suicide prevention.
  • Community events, such as Community Skates, which help to foster peer relationships, social inclusion, and a sense of belonging.
  • Collaboration and advocacy with community partners and all three levels of government (local, provincial, and federal).
  • Special projects, including community-based research projects, such as:
    • “It Takes a Community”
    • Hospital Care Resource
    • Men’s Mental Health Initiative

You can learn more about these special projects, here.


Help is the intervention work that occurs when individuals are struggling with thoughts of suicide.

While WRSPC does not participate in suicide intervention directly, such as by providing counselling or crisis support, we help by facilitating access to training workshops such as START, SafeTalk, and ASIST.

If you are interested in obtaining training for yourself, your workplace, or a group of volunteers, please reach out to Karyn, Program Coordinator, at kkipperday@wrspc.ca.


Healing includes activities that are provided to support individuals and families in our community grieve and heal after a loved one has died by suicide.

WRSPC supports the work of healing by:

  • Providing a free suicide bereavement group, known as the “Why… Support After Suicide Loss” group. You can learn more about this group here.
  • Providing access to a virtual bereavement learning series.
  • Hosting a yearly World Suicide Prevention Day event for the community.


If you are interested in learning more about WRSPC or becoming involved, check out:

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