Executive Director

bioElisa Brewer-Singh (She/Her)

Elisa Brewer-Singh is the Executive Director for the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council.  She brings to the role her passion for suicide prevention and a Master’s degree in Spiritual Care and Counselling from Wilfrid Laurier University which she uses to open the dialogue around suicide, advocate for better access to services and break down the stigma surrounding suicide.

Her work includes a Regional, Provincial and National focus on providing hope, help and healing for those who have been touched by suicide as well as their communities.  Elisa’s desire is to see a reduction of suicidal behavior within our community and beyond through increased awareness and supports available.

Program Coordinator

Amanda Demmer (She/Her)

Amanda began as the Program Coordinator for the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council in March of 2018.  Her Master’s degree in Community Psychology, her passion for suicide prevention, and her lived experiences of her own suicidal ideations and behaviours shape the multifaceted perspective that guides her within this role.

Prior to working for the WRSPC, Amanda spent four years completing research on suicide and suicide prevention, focusing on suicide stigma and an evaluation of the local Skills for Safer Living suicide prevention program. She also has experience in public health, post-secondary education, crisis intervention, and youth engagement, and spent two years as the Director of a youth mentorship organization.

Amanda values a life promotion perspective, and advocates for upstream suicide prevention initiatives and stigma reduction campaigns to reduce the impact of suicidal behaviour within our community.

Administrative Project Coordinator

Jenna Peacock

Jenna Peacock (She/Her)

Jenna Peacock is an Administrative Project Coordinator for the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council. Jenna has been with the WRSPC since October 2014. Jenna has a background in mental health services, graduating from the Child and Youth Worker Program at Mohawk College, and having worked as a Child and Youth Worker in residential treatment and the Open Custody Treatment program at Lutherwood for six years before transitioning into administration at Lutherwood. 

While working for WRSPC Jenna was also the administrative assistant for the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention while its home office was in Waterloo Region. Jenna has a strong passion for helping others, suicide prevention, and supporting our community. 

Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council Board Members

Chair – Adrienne Luft

Past Chair – Kim Hewitt

Secretary – Bev Voisin

Board Member – Rob Martin

Board Member – Barbara Ward

Along with our Council, the WRSPC has an Advisory Committee of community stakeholders who inform, guide, and support our work, and a Previous Executive Advisory Council (PEAC) who we call upon for advice and guidance as needed.

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