Executive Director

Elisa Brewer-Singh (She/Her)


Elisa Brewer-Singh is the Executive Director for the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council.  She brings her passion for suicide prevention and a Master’s degree in Spiritual Care and Counselling from Wilfrid Laurier University which she uses to open the dialogue around suicide, advocate for better access to services, and break down the stigma surrounding suicide.

Elisa’s work includes a Regional, Provincial, and National focus on providing hope, help, and healing for those who have been touched by suicide as well as their communities. Her desire is to see a reduction of suicidal behavior within our community and beyond through increased awareness and supports.

Program Coordinator

Holly Snook (She/Her)

Holly Snook is the Program Coordinator for the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council. She has a Master’s of Theology degree with a focus in Pastoral Counselling from Wilfrid Laurier University. Holly is passionate about suicide prevention, lifelong learning, and inclusivity, as well as fostering and strengthening relationships. Having worked and volunteered extensively with various community organizations, she is committed to connecting people with resources and agencies that make a difference.

Holly values community and working to provide an environment where all feel welcome and supported. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and a part to play.

Administrative Project Coordinator

Karyn Kipper (She/Her)

Karyn is an Administrative Project Coordinator for the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council. She has a Master of Public Policy and Administration from Carleton University. As a teen, she volunteered with mental health organizations throughout Kitchener-Waterloo, sharing information and her experiences to raise awareness, challenge stigma, and promote hope.

Karyn is passionate about mental health and wellness, suicide prevention, and inclusive community-building. She hopes to help build a safer, more supportive, and equitable community for everyone.



Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council Board Members

Chair – Adrienne Luft

Vice Chair – Melissa Strachan-Baylis

Secretary – Bev Voisin

Treasurer – Ed Hofstede

Board Member – Allan Strong

Board Member – Jessica Deming

Board Member – Sarah Francis

Along with our Board, the WRSPC is also supported by a community of stakeholders who inform, guide, and support our work, and a Previous Executive Advisory Council (PEAC) who we call upon for advice and guidance as needed.

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