“Why…?” Support After Suicide Loss

“Why…?” is a 9-week closed group specifically designed for individuals who are facing the unique challenges of a traumatic grief after a family member or friend has died by suicide. A loss after suicide is considered complicated grief, and as such, it is more severe and longer lasting. The group not only provides a cathartic experience, but it also provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with others in an intimate manner. An eclectic variety of techniques including guided mourning, mindfulness and client-centered approach to self-awareness and empathy will be explored.

Hundreds of individuals in our community have benefited from this group and highly recommend it.

“I took this group seven years ago and still use many of the tools I learned in the group today.  It was so beneficial for my healing.”  – Suicide bereaved survivor, sibling and granddaughter.

There are four groups throughout the year (currently running virtually) available for residents in Waterloo Region or Guelph/Wellington.

To inquire or register please call (519) 884-0422 and press “4” or go to the online registration form here.


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