If you are feeling suicidal… tell someone.

You are not alone. Talk to a trusted friend, a parent, a coach, a counsellor, etc.


I Need to Talk to Someone

That’s great that you have taken this first step and want to talk to someone.  You may not be in an emergency, but know that you are having a tough time and need to talk.  Some of these resources are available by phone, text or online.  Some you can visit face to face.  You can use as many of these services as you want.

Adult / All ages Resources

Helplines and Crisis lines

Here 24/7 Waterloo Region Crisis Line & Access to Services (24/7) – 1-844-437-3247

988 Canada Suicide Crisis HelpLine– 9-8-8

  • Suicide Crisis HelpLine Text Service- 9-8-8

Talk Suicide Canada (24/7) – 1-833-456-4566

  • Talk Suicide Canada Text Service (available 4pm-12am EST) – Text 45645

Trans Lifeline (10am-4am EST) – 1-877-330-6366

Hope for Wellness Indigenous Help Line (24/7) – 1-855-242-3310

Boots on the Ground Peer Support for First Responders (24/7) – 1-833-677-2668


Walk in Counselling Services (no appointment necessary)

  • Camino Wellbeing + Mental Health (formerly Carizon and KWCS)
    • Tuesdays 12-6 at 400 Queen St. S. Kitchener
    • Thursdays 12-6 at 480 Charles St. E. Kitchener
  • Porchlight Counselling and Addiction Services (18 Walnut St. Cambridge)- Thursdays 9am to 4pm.
    • Please note: intake for walk-in counselling with Porchlight begins on Wednesday mornings. If interested, please call 519-621-5090.


Local Counselling Services

You can also call and make an appointment at a number of counselling services in the area, including the ones above.  All of these services offer individual counselling but you can also ask about their specialized group programs.   These services have a fee but are adjusted on a sliding scale based on your income.


Other Local Resources


Apps & Websites

Self-Injury Outreach and Supportsioutreach.org

As part of a collaboration between McGill University and the University of Guelph, SIOU is an international outreach organization providing current information and helpful resources about self-injury to individuals who self-injure, those who have recovered, as well as their caregivers and families, friends, teachers and the health professionals who work with them. Their Coping with Urges page is a great place to start exploring their website and provides some tangible tips for coping without self-harming when urges to self-harm come up.


HeadsUpGuys is a resource for supporting men in their fight against depression by providing tips, tools, information about professional services, and stories of success.

Man TherapyManTherapy.org

Therapy – The way a man would do it. Man Therapy is an interactive mental health campaign targeting working-age men that employs humour to cut through stigma and tackle issues like depression, divorce and anxiety.

Woebot Health- Woebothealth.com | Itunes | Android

Through tiny, endearing conversations, Woebot gets to know who you are, how you think, and what you want to work on, before suggesting any techniques. Woebot uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing, and incorporates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and Dialectal Behavioural Therapy in its therapeutic support.

Virtual Hope Box – Itunes | Android

You can use the VHB to store a variety of rich multimedia content that they find personally supportive in times of need. For example, a patient can include family photos, videos and recorded messages from loved ones, inspirational quotes, music they find especially soothing, reminders of previous successes, positive life experiences and future aspirations, and affirmations of their worth in their VHB.

Catch ItItunes | Android

Catch It is an app to help users better understand their moods through use of an ongoing diary. The app was designed to illustrate some of the key principles of psychological approaches to mental health and well-being, and specifically Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


You can also check out our list of youth-specific resources.

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