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As part of Mental Health Week 2023 and the theme of #MyStory, the WRSPC team is going “beyond the bios” to answer 5 questions which share different pieces of their stories.

Continuing reading to learn more about Marta, our Development Assistant!

What is one song, movie, or television show that is guaranteed to make you laugh or smile?

Music and TV are “my things”. I probably watch more TV than I should admit, and I am constantly listening to music. I have so many shows that bring me joy, but The Office is a guaranteed option for belly laughs.

Name one place, community, or situation where you feel a sense of belogning or feel most at home?

Lisbon, Portugal. All my family is from there, I am the only one who was not born in Portugal (I was born in Brazil). But my mom always instilled in me that cultural affiliation. I am Portuguese. And even though I never actually lived there, Lisbon is home to me. It is a big city, and I don’t visit often, but it has that “Cheers” factor where everybody knows my name. That’s where I find my roots, my center.

What is your favourite self-care or stress-reducing activity or habit?

Other than watching way too much TV, I love puzzles. I put on a playlist with Brazilian songs and can get lost in puzzles for hours.

What is an accomplishment that you are most proud of?

My life in Canada. I left my country 20 years ago, just me, my husband, and our dream. It is not easy to leave all that you know and love behind and start a new life. And throughout this  journey my family grew, we had a lot of moves and new beginnings, big sacrifices… But we now have this amazing life here in Canada. It was all worth it.

Which aspect of your work gives you the greatest sense of purpose or meaning?

I love being able to give it back. This community has embraced me and I feel that I can contribute a little bit with the work I do. I can assist my amazing team, help the processes run smoothly so they can go into the community and work their magic. So I am indirectly helping people around me when they need it.


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