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Mental Health Week is an annual awareness and advocacy campaign led by the Canadian Mental Health Association, which strives to increase awareness of mental health and advocate for increased mental health supports. This year, Mental Health Week is from May 6th to 12th and the theme is #CompassionConnects.

Compassion is an emotional response to the struggles of others combined with a real, authentic desire to help lessen their suffering. We can extend compassion to others, as well as to ourselves.

To honor and celebrate Mental Health Week, the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council will be focusing on how compassionate connection, including self-compassion and compassion towards others, can help individuals and communities to keep safe from suicide.

We are also excited to launch our Don’t Know What to Say Campaign, which will be shared on social media throughout May. This campaign speaks to the reality that sometimes, we just don’t know what to say when someone reaches out for connection and support.

WRSPC’s Mental Health Week 2024 Collection

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