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Welcome to “Beyond the Bio”!

Anyone who has ever attended a WRSPC meeting or event knows we are a social bunch. Whether it is a monthly board meeting or our Annual General Meeting, we typically start meetings with friendly hellos and hugs. In this time of physical distancing during a public health pandemic, we are missing our usual opportunities to connect in with our community and our partners. To fill this gap, we decided to  create a new series called “Beyond the Bio” where we get to know the people behind the WRSPC, starting with the staff (beyond what can be found in their usual bios on the website). We asked them each the following five questions:

Q1: Which aspect of your work gives you the greatest sense of purpose or meaning?

Q2: What is one thing you are most looking forward to re-engaging in once physical distancing restrictions begin to lift?

Q3: Name one place, community, or situation where you feel a sense of belonging or feel most at home?

Q4: What are some of you go-to self-care routines or stress-reducing habits that you’ve been utilizing during this pandemic?

Q5: If you decided to totally change careers and leave the mental health world, what would you do instead?

See our staff’s answer’s here:

Jenna Peacock

Amanda Demmer

Elisa Brewer-Singh

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