Stress is a part of life. Everyone at one time or another will experience stress, and the way we know we’re stressed can be different for each of us. Some of us can’t sleep, others might feel physically sick. Most of the time a stressful thing won’t last long- we’ll figure out a solution or it just works itself out. At other times, a stressful situation can last longer and affect our ability to live our life the way we normally would. It’s during these times that it’s important to try out the many ways that can help us manage and overcome stressful situations (American Psychological Association).

Below are some web-based resources with further information and resources on stress & how to handle stress in your life.

How do you Know You’re Stressed? – American Institute of Stress

Stress can affect both our emotional and physical health.  Learn how to recognize the signs of stress and what to do about it.

Stress in Your Everyday Life – American Psychological Association

Stressful situations can range from short-lived and easily managed to lengthy more serious situations.  Recognizing our stress level and learning how to manage it will lead to a healthier happier life.

Workplace Stress–

Coping with stress in the workplace can be a challenge at times.  Some workplace stress is normal, but too much stress can affect how well we are doing at our job.  Learning about the signs of stress at work and tips for relieving stress can lead to a more fulfilling work life.

Stress at different Stages of Life – Centre for Studies on Human Stress

Young people, Parents, Elders, and Workers experience stress for different reasons.  At every age, there are different ways to cope with stress.

Coping with Stress (Parents, Kids and Teens, and Educators)  – Centres for Disease Control

Healthy coping strategies look different for kids and teens than they do for parents and even teachers.  Plans to manage our stress should be matched with our individual situations.

Click here to view a PDF infographic of 101 ways to cope with stress that you can easily share or save for reference!

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